The world's only informal holiday created especially for clients. Representatives of various organizations take advantage of the holiday as an opportunity to offer thanks and congratulations to:

  • customers of products and services;
  • visitors to shopping centers and shops;
  • e-commerce website visitors;
  • partners.

The purpose of this holiday is to provide an opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to remember, congratulate and express appreciation to their customers. The main attribute of the holiday – attention to the client, shared in different ways.


Before the holiday, different companies around the world traditionally expressed their thanks to customers on Christmas, March 8th, Valentine's Day, Easter and many other holidays that have a completely different purpose. Now companies, government institutions and business partners have an opportunity to show their gratitude to their clients on a dedicated day. Clients are the foundation of every business.

The Story of Client's Day

In 2010, a company from Klaipėda was considering how to celebrate the anniversary of its foundation. A new idea was born – “Why not acknowledge our clients? After all, clients are the foundation of every business.”


After much discussion they realized that there was no specific day dedicated to clients. So, they decided to create one! The goal behind the idea is to encourage companies to show more appreciation to their clients.

The first Client’s day greetings were sent on March 19, 2010 to various cities and countries around the world. It was reported by newspapers, a new domain - - was created and the event was added to the Lithuanian open calendar.


In 2011, more international companies supported the idea by sharing their gratitude with clients.


In 2012, the celebration went viral and many more companies expressed their thanks to clients; the idea also received support from newspapers and the Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce (Actually, Boss’s day was first registered at the US Chamber of Commerce).

In 2013, Client‘s day was widely accepted and celebrated in Lithuania by huge companies such as Akropolis and Bite. Following fact was recorded by international association. The biggest Russian holiday portal added Client‘s day to their lists and, finally, Russia joined the celebration. Many companies in Russia supported the initiative. The official supporter of Client‘s day is the Mayor of the City of Klaipeda, Vytautas Grubliauskas.


In 2014, the first massive event dedicated to client appreciation took place. The President of Lithuania evaluated this idea positively.