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  • Posting a huge sign in front of your entrance announcing “We love our clients!”
  • Make a client feel about how much happier they are
  • Putting a badge and greeting on your website
  • Meeting with clients personally
  • Having the CEO call your smaller clients for a brief chat
  • Doing something socially responsible
  • Apologizing for any mistakes in your service
  • Baking a big cake
  • Giving a free ride on local bus
  • Organizing a concert or performance
  • Sending a letter expressing your appreciation
  • Sending a postcard with a big smile
  • Sharing happy-face stickers
  • Offering tea and cookies
  • Giving a significant discount
  • Inviting your clients to lunch or dinner
  • Making a personal gift – something useful
  • Letting your client pay a bill after a deadline
  • Go out of your way to help a client
  • Talking openly with your clients
  • Dropping flowers from a helicopter
  • Organizing a tour to show clients how your company works and what it is passionate about
  • Hugging a client if appropriate
  • Committing to be thankful on a daily basis
  • Adopting an open door policy

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